2021-2022 F4L Legacy scholarship

Friends 4 Life Scholarship/Stipend

Candidates must meet eligibility requirements, complete all required paperwork, and record a short 3-10 minute video essay answering the following questions: How have you and your family been impacted by this illness? What does this person mean to you and how has s/he made you who you are today? What would receiving a Friends 4 Life Legacy Scholarship/Stipend would mean to and/or for you? How will you use the money?


The winner/winners will receive up to a $1,000 scholarship to help them with their costs of pursuing secondary education. There are also up to 5 other stipends (amounts to be decided) as funds allow.


According to the terms of this scholarship/stipend, students will be selected on the basis of eligibility, their video, and a letter of recommendation.  Community service, extra-curricular activities, honors & grades will also be considered. However, grades will not play a dominant role in the selection process.  Our reviewers recognize that dealing with cancer in a family member may impact a student’s academic performance. 


Applicants and parents, please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions attached to the application.


Any questions, please email us @ info@f4lf.org 


Scholarships/stipends are available to provide financial assistance to college students in their pursuit of a secondary education.

Awards: Scholarships/stipends, up to $1,000 to college-bound high school seniors and current college undergrad students, ages 17-24 whose life has been impacted by cancer.  If you have a parent/guardian, sibling, or close relative who is a cancer survivor or you lost your loved one to cancer; we want to hear your story.

Eligibility: Must meet all requirements to be eligible to apply:

  • High school seniors accepted to an accredited College or university or an undergraduate college student.

  • You or a parent/guardian/close relative is a cancer survivor or have a parent/guardian/close relative who lost their battle to cancer.

  • Provide verification of a diagnosis of cancer or death certificate.

  • Must be a United States Citizen

  • Students must reside within a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.