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2024 F4L HE²Y!/Legacy scholarship
oPENS 1/15/2024 ~ CLOSES 5/15/2024

Friends 4 Life Scholarships/Stipends

Scholarships/stipends are available to provide financial assistance to college students in their pursuit of post-secondary education.


Awards: Scholarships/stipends, up to $1,000 to college-bound high school seniors and current college undergrad students, ages 17-24, whose life has been impacted by a Traumatic Childhood Experience or Loss.  

Eligibility: Must meet all requirements to be eligible to apply:

  • High school seniors who are accepted to an accredited college, university, trade school, or a current undergraduate college student.

  • At least a 2.5 GPA.

  • Youth who have suffered a traumatic childhood experience or loss (examples: a loved one's cancer diagnosis or their own diagnosis, foster care, gun violence, abuse, depression, or poverty).

  • Provide verification of your traumatic experience or loss (Please contact the office with any questions as to what is needed).

  • Must be a United States Citizen.

  • Students must reside within a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.




To apply candidates must meet all eligibility requirements and complete all required paperwork; including application, letter of recommendation, as well as verification. A short 1-3 minute video essay making sure to include answers to the following questions: How have you and/or your family been impacted by your experience? How has this experience helped shape you into the person you are today? If you receive a Friends 4 Life HE²Y!! Legacy Scholarship/Stipend, how would you use the money, and what impact do you think it would have on your future?


The winner/winners will receive up to a $1,000 scholarship to help them with the costs of pursuing post-secondary education. Book Stipends are also available. Care packages can be sent out as funds allow for those who have limited family support. Winners are also responsible for paying it forward. Examples of paying it forward are volunteering at an event or being a Peer2Peer Mentor or tutor. 


According to the terms of this scholarship/stipend, students will be selected based on eligibility, their video, and their letter of recommendation. Community service, extra-curricular activities, and honors can also be considered.   

Applicants and parents, please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions attached to the application.


Any questions, please email us @ 

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